Local Government Division

Monitoring local finances
Local Government Division Hotline:  877-304-3899

The Local Government Division (LGD) fulfills two broad areas of responsibility on behalf of the Illinois Comptroller:

  • Provide Efficiency, Transparency and Accountability to the financial reporting process for Local Governments.
  • To assist Local Governments in fulfilling their mandated fiscal responsibilities to taxpayers.

Key Responsibilities of the Local Government Division

1. Collect and analyze Annual Financial Reports [AFRs] from units of local government.

2. Produce the Fiscal Responsibility Report Card.

3. Outreach to units of local government and taxpayers.

4. Provide training, assistance and information to local government officials.

5. Staff and coordinate the activities of the Local Government Advisory Board.

6. Maintain a central registry of all local units of government in Illinois.

The Comptroller’s Office is also the central repository for Annual Tax Increment Finance (TIF) Reports which are made available for public inspection. Completed TIF reports (FY 2010 and on) will be posted on the Comptroller’s website within 45 days of receipt.