Comptroller's Critters

Comptroller's Critters

Dear Constituent:

Thank you for your interest in the Comptroller’s Critters Program! Every year in Illinois, thousands of animals are euthanized because loving homes cannot be found. In 2010, over 17,000 animals were euthanized in the City of Chicago alone. As the state’s Chief Fiscal Officer, I not only watch over public dollars, but also want to keep an eye on our four legged friends. I believe that it is always important to keep a pet companion in a loving family environment.

Comptroller’s Critters was designed to give people the opportunity to adopt a pet, and reduce costs at a state and local level. Specifically, the Office of the Comptroller has partnered with shelters throughout the state to help reduce the number of animals waiting to be adopted. Through this effort, we hope to address animal overpopulation and save on animal control costs.

Please consider participating in the Comptroller’s Critters Program. There just may be a pet waiting to unite with your loving family. By adopting an animal, you will experience the love and devotion of a special companion that will last a lifetime.

Click on the Adopt Now! button to view the list of participating shelters and the pets up for adoption.



Judy Baar Topinka
Illinois State Comptroller